Thematic Series

Submissions related to one of the six thematic series of the conference are invited. We encourage submissions from all ecosystems, and we especially encourage practitioners to share their work. The six thematic series are:

  1. Advancing the science and practice of restoration: This series focuses on improving the science or practice of ecological restoration, including lessons learned, linking science and practice, plant materials and seed-based restoration, new restoration techniques, and restoration effectiveness.
  2. Restoration as a nature-based solution: This series focuses on the use of restoration to address societal challenges and human health and wellbeing, including infrastructure, climate solutions, disaster mitigation, and water and food security.
  3. Multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations: This series focuses on restoration projects or programs that span multiple disciplines, including those that incorporate human health and wellbeing, rewilding and wildlife, conservation, and transboundary efforts.
  4. Scaling up restoration and adapting to limitations: This series focuses on the challenges and opportunities of significantly scaling up restoration, including the topics of landscape-scale restoration, corridors and connectivity, monitoring and evaluation, and implementing projects with limited resources.
  5. Empowering and engaging local communities: This series focuses on all aspects of working with local communities and increasing capacity for restoration, including citizen and participatory science, engaging stakeholders, creating a culture of restoration, working with youth in restoration, and Indigenous-led and local community-led restoration efforts. key underlying focus is to showcase ideas and projects that facilitate and empower greater diversity, equity and inclusion in restoration.
  6. Planning, policy, and economics: This series focuses on topics including prioritizing restoration efforts, governance and public policy, land tenure, local and international restoration efforts, inspiring political will, innovative restoration financing, incentivizing restoration, and ecosystem services. 
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