About the Conference

Since 2005, the SER World Conference has been the premier venue for those interested in connecting with the international restoration community. Our World Conferences are an exciting biennial gathering of experts in the scientific, technical, and socio-economic dimensions of restoring damaged and degraded ecosystems in all biomes and on all continents. Conference attendees are passionate about discussing and debating big picture issues and broad trends, as well as specific tools, techniques, research, and policies for restoration. SER2021 is the Society’s 9th World Conference since 2005 and 25th meeting since our founding in 1988.

The SER World Conference brings delegates from every continent representing a range of professional backgrounds including natural and social sciences, environmental engineering, urban and regional planning, public policy, landscape architecture, natural resource management, and more. Attendees include:

  • Professors, researchers, and students
  • Staff scientists from research institutes and governmental agencies specializing in restoration, conservation, and land management
  • Environmental consultants and contractors ranging from independently owned small business to national and multinational companies 
  • Local, national, and international nonprofit organizations
  • Staff from botanic gardens, zoos, engineering and landscape firms, and mining and extraction industries
  • Individuals and entities from the financial sector
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